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Pay Per Click offers the fastest ROI of any form of Internet Marketing

Why use Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

  • Fast to set up - increased visitors and results within days
  • Very measurable, so only effective paid advertising is continued
  • Very responsive to market or strategy changes

Properly managed Pay Per Click Advertising is Always Profitable. This is because it is so easy to measure and respond to the results quickly that any non profitable keywords are stopped. If you do not know the ROI of your Pay Per Click Campaign, then it is not being properly managed, and you may be wasting advertising spend.

Why ask eXtra to help with Pay Per Click Advertising?

  • First UK company to use only qualified AdWords professionals to manage client campaigns
  • An excellent track record of campaign improvement
  • 40% improvement is our lowest target figure for campaign improvement in first few months

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click advertising refers to sponsored ads for which you are only charged when someone clicks on them. For most search engines these ads are the ones you see marked as sponsored ads along the top or right of the search results.

With pay per click advertising your ads are only shown when someone searches on relevant keywords. You pay a fixed amount every time someone clicks through to your website based upon keywords they have selected. Provided you choose a good set of specific keywords, this means you are only paying for visitors who are interested in whatever your website has to offer.

In the UK Google is dominant, with Yahoo a long way behind in second place. This varies in different countries. For example in Russia, Google takes second place to Yandex. There is also a difference depending on type of market (business or consumer), for example Yahoo has more market share in the consumer UK market.

PPC management or Pay per click services

The Google AdWords system has grown considerable in the last few years in terms of functionality. The same is true for other providers such as Yahoo! Search.This means there is huge potential for better targeted ads, but it also means that managing these campaigns effectively requires skilled staff.

Well optimised PPC campaigns achieve much better results than poorly setup campaigns. This is not a small improvement of a few percent - it is a huge difference of over 40%. This means that using people who have passed the Google AdWords exam (and who are experienced PPC managers) will be worthwhile.

Need help with Paid Search?

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"Our minimum target improvement on client managed accounts is 40% which we usually exceed"

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"eXtraSearch managed the paid search account for one of our brands in 2010.They provided analysis and gave their own personal recommendations as to how the account should proceed. The success was clear to see, I would thoroughly recommend eXtraSearch."

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