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The first question: which search engine?

In many countries, Google is not the dominant search engine and sometimes Yahoo is also not important. Starting PPC advertising with Google AdWords may then be totally inappropriate.

Recognise the following?

Chinese Google search engineChinese Google search engine  Chinese Google search engine Chinese Google search engineChinese Google search engine Chinese Google search engine Chinese Google search engine Chinese Google search engineYandex Russian search engine Yandex Arabic search engineRambler Russian Search EngineYandex Arabic search engine Yandex Arabic search engine 

If you are marketing into mainland China, into Taiwan, Russia or many Arabic countries then other search engines apart from Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing must be considered.

Multi-lingual and International PPC

These are slightly different! For example an English language campaign may target different countries and require different search engines, ad copies and landing pages to take account of the different local cultures and values.

Multi-lingual PPC takes this further and shows ads in native languages directing the visitor to pages in the local language. eXtraSearch provide a total multi-lingual PPC service including keyword and market research, translation and localisation of the website pages, creation and management of the ongoing PPC campaign.

eXtraSearch also provide multi-lingual search engine optimisation services.

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