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Web banners can be an effective tool in your online marketing campaign. With an eye catching design you could see a vast increase in your click through rate.

eXtraSearch use industry standard formats to create web banners, so integration into any site or email campaign will never be problem. eXtra designers can produce these to match your corporate branding. These can include tracked components so the effectiveness of any marketing campaign can be measured.

eXtra can advise on when and where it is most effective to place web banners, and by knowing the pertinent questions to ask can avoid clients making costly mistakes with ineffective banner advertising.

How do you measure successful banner advertising?

The measurement or value you will most often be given is the number of impressions or number of click through's. By neither of these are helpful. Millions of impressions to the wrong audience count for nothing. Thousands of irrelevant click through's are not much better. The only successful measurement is number of useful visitors to your website, which can only be determined through some form of tracking system.

Stopping poor performing banner ads and concentrating spend solely on the good ones is the most effective way of getting high ROI on banner advertising. Contact eXtraSearch for a discussion on your most effective type of banner advertising.

Do you want to increase traffic via an eye catching banner?

If you want to improve the traffic to your site with an eye catching web banner, then contact eXtra for a website banner quotation.

eXtra design all of banners to fit the needs of each clients; every banner design is unique and you will never see your banner used elsewhere online.


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