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The search engine optimisation work done by eXtraSEO is based on proven, long term and sustainable techniques which have resulted in client websites being at the top of all major search engines for over five years.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services?

Managed SEO services provided by eXtraSEO

eXtraSEO provide a range of search engine optimisation services tailored to your budget, the market and your expectations. Our basic SEO services start from £300/month with bespoke search engine packages available for larger clients with multiple websites in competitive or International markets.

Our search engine optimisation work is divided into two main areas:

On-page search engine optimisation involves improving your website content, website code and the way your website is hosted and maintained. This has a major impact on how the search engine robots see your website. You may have heard of improving 'meta tags, page titles and keyword density'. We do this, but our on-page search optimisation service includes much more, helping our client websites gain and maintain top ranking positions on Google.

Off-page search engine optimisation involves improving the way the search engine robots perceive your webpages and how important they rate them. Many years ago this was reasonably simply determined by inbound links and PageRank. This is no longer the case. Many inbound links to a website are actually harmful.

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