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The first question: which search engine?

In many countries, Google is not the dominant search engine and sometimes Yahoo is also not important. If your website is top on Google this will not give much business advantage. The search engine optimisation work must be tailored to the most important search engines.

Recognise the following?

Chinese Google search engineChinese Google search engine  Chinese Google search engine Chinese Google search engineChinese Google search engine Chinese Google search engine

Chinese Google search engine Chinese Google search engine

Yandex Russian search engine Rambler Russian Search Engine

Yandex Arabic search engine  Yandex Arabic search engine Yandex Arabic search engine

If you are marketing into mainland China, into Taiwan, Russia or many Arabic countries then other search engines such as those above must be considered.

Search engines vary in importance from one country to another. In English speaking countries the relative dominance of Google and Yahoo varies substantially; in some countries Yahoo is a major player, in others a minor competitor.

Multi-lingual and International SEO

These are three different factors to consider with International and multilingual SEO.

  • Language and the impact on the search engine. For example Google handles many languages, but not all in the same way.
  • Country location and the impact on keywords and competition. For example French is used in many countries around the world with different cultures. The affects the common keyword phrases used.
  • Search engine characteristics. Search engines such as Yandex (Russia) use very different search algorithms to Google, and the SEO work needs to take this into consideration.

Multi-lingual SEO services

eXtraSearch provide a total multi-lingual search engine optimisation service including keyword and market research, translation and localisation of the website pages, plus submission to major directory websites and obtaining relevant and important inbound links.

eXtraSearch also provide multi-lingual PPC management services.

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