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What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the most effective tool at converting existing contacts into 'sales'.

  • Email Marketing maintains and enhances brand awareness.
  • Email marketing is the best method of moving contacts along the sales process from just looking through to purchase.
  • Email Marketing is cost effective at generating visitors to your website
  • Short timescale to implement

Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing is easy. But effective Email Marketing requires more consideration; you need a good platform to ensure high delivery rates, you need an email template designed to work, not just look good on the drawing board and you need an effective reporting and tracking system.

eXtraSearch have been managing email marketing campaigns for clients since 2003 and now provide our clients with a professional hosted email marketing system which allows the client to be in control of creating and editing and sending email marketing campaigns.

As a writer of e-campaigns, I’ve been asked to work on a wide range of internet marketing software products for a very diverse clientele. I have to congratulate eXtraSearch on putting together one of the most user-friendly, intuitive packages that I have encountered to date. I’ll certainly be recommending this service to my own clients as an integral component of their overall marketing strategy. Thank you!

Louise Steel, The Prolific Pen

Looking to start or improve your email marketing?

Contact eXtra for a discussion on how we can help. The types of email marketing services we offer include one or more of:

  • Effective HTML email template design
  • Email marketing review
  • Fully managed email marketing service
  • Provision of a professional hosted email marketing system, enabling the client marketing department to be in control of creating and sending emails.


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