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Any company is only as good as its staff...

We invest in people and systems, not offices or buildings. Staff training is important, and also keeping up to date with latest search techniques, and sharing in house research. Our success in search is the result of working on the basis of our ongoing research work, not waiting for the previous six months best practice to be published on Internet forums.

Head of Search (Dr Rachel Cornish)

Rachel is also the Managing Director. She is one of the Qualified AdWords Professionals within the company. Her areas of expertise include: Internet Marketing Strategy, SEO strategy, PPC strategy & Multilingual Marketing, website & market analysis. Rachel (a former research scientist) is responsible for the in-house research into multi-lingual and English language search.

Rachel also tutors for the Warwick MBA programme in areas such as International Business, Marketing and Analysis. She co-authored one of the MBA module course notes on Information Systems Management. LinkedIn profile of Rachel Cornish 

Head of Paid Search or PPC (Laurian Rosca)

Laurian is another of the company Qualified AdWords Professional and he manages or supervises all the PPC accounts which we are responsible for. His areas of responsibility include PPC Management, Multilingual PPC, Multi-lingual SEO, Search Engine Optimisation and Quality procedures. Laurian is one of our PPC Managers who has previously worked in other countries, helping contribute to our expertise at multilingual search.

Head of Development (James Miller)

James heads up the SEO development team, but he is also a Qualified AdWords Professional. His areas of responsibility include SEO development work, as well as Website development, E Commerce development, CMS development, Online payment, Google map API, Database integration

Search Marketing Team  (Rachel, Laura, Sean, Natalie, Kate, Ruth, Laurian)

Rachel, Laura, Sean, Natalie and Ruth are SEO managers for different clients, coordinating this work.

Rachel, Laura, Sean, Natalie, Kate, Ruth and Laurian are head up some of the social search marketing work. This now overlaps with other areas and we generally consider most social search optimisation alongside the natural search and search engine optimisation work.

Copywriting (Kate Fox)

Kate heads up the copy-writing, article writing and much of our social media marketing work. ExtraSearch are capable of generating large numbers of articles on a wide range of topics and targetting different audiences. We can cope with technical articles and articles in a variety of languages.

Account Managers

We allocate client account managers according to both areas of particular expertise and geographical area. We work from offices in Kent, West Sussex, Hampshire and Cornwall. Our main offices and the majority of the Search Marketing work is based in Kent, under one hour by train from central London.

Other staff

Designers / Developers

Tim,  Michelle, James, William, Hironmi, Rachel


Kate, Sarah, Joanne, Natalie, Rachel, Laura, Rowena, Jo, Merlin, Mona,

PPC Managers

The following all passed the AdWords exam: Laurian, James, Rachel, David C, Rachel C, James M, David G


Mona, Laurian, Pilar, Daniel, Hiromi, Ines

Admin  and accounts offices

Kim (with the help of Louise, Frances and David) helps ensure our phones get answered and admin records kept up to date. Our bookkeeper Jo and accountant Richard look after the invoices.


Unlike most SEO agencies, 100% of our English language work is carried out within the UK.This will carry on as long as our research shows that low grade link building (which Google dislikes) is not an effective SEO policy, but an unnecessary cost.

Some work in other languages is carried out in other countries by natural language speakers.


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