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Providing website design, maintenance, and systems

eXtraSearch has evolved from the search marketing departments of Cornish WebServices.

The Cornish brand is well known and is continuing to be used for:

  • Accessible websites and accessible website design
  • eCommerce development and maintenance
  • Postcode finders and Google map integration
  • Bespoke website - database development work
  • HTML email template design and testing
  • Banner design
  • Charity, school and local authority websites
  • Small business website design and low budget search marketing work

The website design and development department is also responsible for the provision and development of many of the eXtraSearch marketing tools and techniques. This includes:

  • Cornish-CMS - the first ever search engine optimised CMS, written not just to be search engine friendly but to actively help ongoing search engine optimisation
  • Cornish-Emailer - our email marketing system, allowing clients to manage their own email marketing campaigns
  • Cornish-Marketing - a backend system allowing clients easy access to information on contact requests from websites
  • Cornish-Articles - an online articles system allowing clients to add content to their website and syndicate around the Internet.

The search marketing success of Cornish WebServices was built upon both marketing knowledge and a high technical understanding of websites and search robots. The ability to handle much of the on-page search engine optimisation of even the most complex eCommerce systems inhouse gives us a competitive advantage, as even if we do not carry out this work, we at least know what is technically possible.


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