eXtraSearch Case Study - Targeting "the tail"

SEO Case Study: Targeting Long Tail Keywords

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SEO Client

Three years of SEO work for one client had already resulted in an increase in natural visitors to the website of over 5,000%. Most of the main keywords (about 70) were consistently in the top few places on google.co.uk, so the next challenge was how to increase traffic further.

eXtraSEO Approach

  • Targeting "the tail", concentrating on very large numbers of second and third level keywords.
  • Aimed for adding an extra 300 top ranking keyword phrases per month

targeting the tail

eXtraSEO Results

  • Within 12 months the numbers of keyword phrases in top position had rocketed to over 6,500
  • Over 4,000 of these keyword phrases (in position 1-3) generated extra traffic to the website

This type of SEO technique is essential to get as much natural traffic as possible and is similar to paid search techniques of ‘targeting the tail’ in competitive markets. The latter is an effective technique for smaller businesses in very competitive markets to generate traffic at reasonable cost from paid advertising, or search engine optimisation.

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